Month: April 2016

Around every corner … our Readathon storytellers entertain more than just the patients in hospital!

In the school session there were some great kids. There was this one boy from Czechoslovakia. They told me he didn’t speak English. I tried to make the story as physical as possible but the whole time he just kept his head down, methodically working down a page of sums. I thought that he was […]

Sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles – observations of a Readathon Storyteller in hospital

At Addenbrook’s Hospital in Cambridge, Peter and I talked about videogames, our favourite books and films, Lego, why he wants to be an engineer when he grows up, and (my all-time favourite convo) superheroes. I asked him what superpower he would have if he could have any superpower. First he tried some clever tricks, such […]

A strange dude with a head full of stories and a trolley load of books sharing stories with the fabulous Melissa

Melissa is 14 years old. Whatever condition she is suffering from means that she can barely move. I was very worried about her lack of ability to let me know whether she actually wanted to hear a story.  I *hate* to tell stories to people who would rather be doing something else. A Readathon storyteller […]

I’m very, very proud of all the reading! Helen Cooper, Librarian King Henry VIII School, sings the praises of her pupils

King Henry VIII School Memorial Library, Readathon Blog Post:  21 April 2016 After the Readathon ended on World Book Day, it took about 3 weeks to collect in all the sponsorship money. Year 7 raised an amazing £1,486.90, £55 of which was raised online via the Readathon website.  I am very, very proud of all the […]

Queen’s Gate School’s get in the spirit of story telling with a Skype from Marcus Sedgewick

Finally on Friday, my year skyped our second famous author of the week, Marcus Sedgewick. I really enjoyed reading week as I love reading. I look forward to continuing the fun fundraiser challenger, the READATHON, because there are still so many great books to read. I also look forward to seeing how much money we manage to raise […]

Munchkins and Mary Poppins visit Miss Haversham’s house – Dress up day at Queen’s Gate School

On Thursday, we all dressed up as our favourite characters from books and we saw many extravagant costumes. It was also the day our Form rooms were going to be judged for turning them into the setting from a book. My class did the Wizard of Oz and we spent lunchtime frantically decorating it. Some […]

Queen’s Gate School launch their first Readathon !

Readathon Challenge

Last week was our first-ever Reading Week. We had many fun events going on. Thanks to our lovely librarian, Mrs Scott, and the English Department, all the events were very enjoyable.  In Assembly on Monday, we were introduced to the various competitions that Reading Week included such as a book trailer competition, decorating our form […]