Month: March 2016

When Young Ambassador Hannah met author Andy Cope

  What a Readathon Superfan says to her favourite Readathon Author  Ambassador at QMC Nottingham: Welcome to this joint blog, written by me Hannah (yes, the really smiley one in the picture) and me Andy (the older less good looking one) Hannah first. This is all new to me, I have never blogged before, oh […]

Working together. Rebecca Wilson, College Librarian, Huddersfield New College Library tells us how she approached her Readathon

Rebecca Wilson College Librarian

We provisionally set the end date for our Readathon as Monday 11th April, so first day back after the Easter holidays, hoping that if students involved didn’t read much during the term weeks before we broke up, that the holidays would provide them with the time and opportunity to read & get sponsors. Depending on […]

The challenge is set at Huddersfield New College Library; who will win The Page Turner Prize ?

 To help encourage our students to participate, whether reluctant or strong readers, we set up a Page Turner Prize where the student who raises the most sponsorship gets a free book of their choice from our Library suppliers Browns Books for Students. We also created Reading Prompt posters to help give students ideas as those […]

Henry inspires a whole school

We visited the Readathon website & downloaded & used a lot of the extra materials found on there, such as posters but we especially loved the videos both for Secondary Schools & Teachers on running Readathon but the one video we found that made the most impact was called Henry’s Story and was a recorded […]

Our lovely, bright orange box got us so excited – Huddersfield New College Library launch their Readathon

Rebecca Wilson College Librarian

We first heard about Readathon from a leaflet about it in our World Book Day pack. As a firm fan & participant of Sponsored Reads in our youth, and having successfully launched the Reading Agency’s Six Book Challenge/Reading Ahead scheme for the past 3 years, we felt that there is a target audience already for […]

Leighterton Primary School place books at the heart of their kindness tree

Our Readathon officially finished on Friday and we have already had some sponsor cards and money returned which is great. I have given them the next week to collect their money in and return it to school – reminding them it wasn’t too late to get a one off pound here and there for reading […]

Quick wins for Leighterton Primary School with their on-the-spot sponsored reads for an instant 50p!

I reminded the children to keep on going with their Readathon in assembly today. I suggested that they could have ‘on the spot sponsored reads’ to drum up some money! For example, ‘Will you put 50p in my pot if I read you this poem?” I also encouraged them to try and beat the last […]

Leighterton Primary School get ready to dive in to books !

Once I had got round to looking through the Readathon resources I found it really easy to get ready for our Readathon. It was great to have everything you need to get going – I found having a letter to send out to parents that could be edited to suit was a great timesaver! After […]